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I am a Site Reliability Engineer at CRITEO. I like living on the cutting edge of technology, I am always interested in learning new skills and creating things whether be it something physical or digital. I replaced my ISP router and have a home lab running k3s on 5 machines. I own a 3D printer which I highly modified (Hardware and Software). I love automation and always try to improve repetitive tasks.

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  1. Introduction Ever wondered if you could stream movies and series from anywhere in the world without having to pay big companies like Netflix, Amazon or Disney ? Those offer you a service that does not even let you choose the video quality! I personally wanted to implement a better solution myself. In this quick blog post series I will try to explain how I host my own private streaming platform. It runs using open source tools on top of my Kubernetes cluster running at home.

  2. In a previous blog post I showed how my video streaming setup is working. But that does not tell you exactly how it is running on my home lab. I am using Kubernetes to orchestrate my containers, in this blog post I will describe how I implemented the setup I described earlier. In order for all that to work on Kubernetes we have a few challenges to overcome, mainly persistence and exposing the services to the outside world.

  3. In a previous blog post I showed how my video streaming setup is working. In this blog post I will describe how I improved the system by using the power of GPUs. Jellyfin has the ability to utilize the graphics card to decode and encode the video stream. This has far better performance than using software decoding (using the CPU only). Since I have relatively unpowerful nodes in my home-lab, enabling hardware decoding is a game changer.

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